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Prathap's World - Download Desktop Calendar XP, Flash Player XP & OEM Info Editor XP

Air Show

Bahrain International Airshow

The inaugural Bahrain International Airshow held the Sakhir air base, hosted 40 exhibitors, 94 aircrafts and visiting delegates from 45 countries and attracted 30,000 visitors over the three days. The show was opened by His Majesty King Hamad in the presence of many dignitaries and guests.

Bahrain Museum

Bahrain National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum is the largest and one of the most oldest museums in Bahrain. It is constructed near the King Faisal Highway in Manama. The museum possess a rich collection of Bahrain's ancient archaeologyical artifacts since 1988, and covers 6000 years of Bahrain's history.

Free High Definition Wallpapers for your Desktop

Flora of Kerala

Common Flora of Kerala Forests

The diversity of floristic wealth of Kerala Forests is well represented in the habitat, species and genetic lands of biological spectrum. It is estimated that the flora of Kerala comprises around 10000 species including cryophytes, lichens, algae and fungi.

I Love You

I Love You in Different Languages

Love needs no language to express itself. Yet, we would like to express our love eloquently to our valentine, without being restricted by the chains of languages unknown to us. So here are the translations of 'I Love You' in more than 140 languages! 

OEM Info Editor Xtreme 3.00 with support for Windows 7 will be releasing soon. Stay in touch...

Desktop Calendar XP

Desktop Calendar XP is a simple and cost effective way of beautifying the calendar on your desktop. It is a lightweight tool which will not clobber your system and its interface is very easy on the eye. The calendar covers two hundred years.

It enhances the functionality of your calendar as it comes with a beautiful Real-time Desktop Clock and other useful inbuilt utilities such as MP3 Player, Wallpaper Manager, System Date & Time Changer, Date Calculator, Alarm, etc.


  • Calendar for 200 Years
  • Year Overview
  • Calendar Printer
  • System Date & Time Changer
  • Customizable Alarm
  • Stylish Skins
  • Feature-rich Wallpaper Manager
  • MP3 Player
  • Easy Access from System Tray
  • Automitically changing Images
  • Talking Buddy Learn more »

Flash Player XP

Flash Player XP is a stand-alone player that provides many expanded functions to Web Designers and Flash users the opportunities to play and enjoy Flash movies from the web as well as from other medias without the help of a browser. 

Flash Player XP can display flash movies such as web application front-ends, e-greetings, high-impact website user interfaces, interactive online advertising, flash games, short-form to long-form animation and more. 


  • Macromedia Flash 10 Enabled
  • Explorer Bar for browsing the files faster
  • Browser cache of IE, Opera, FireFox and Netscape
  • Favorites folder for easy access of Flash Movies
  • Windowed/Full Screen Modes
  • Screenshots in BMP and JPG formats
  • Web Enabled
  • Automatic File Association
  • Playback capabilities including Zoom, Step, etc.
  • Recent file list
  • Free Flash Games Learn more »

Latest Image Packs for Desktop Calendar XP

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